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3 results

brrrrr. it's cold out! when you find yourself shivering, that's when our pretty winter accessories swoop in to save the day. (and, not to mention, make you look like a gorgeous ice queen.)

our winter hats, like winter beanies knit with bright stripes and playful pom-poms, will ensure you stay toasty and stylish. (a win-win.) when you wrap up in one of our designer scarves, you'll look cute and protect your face and neck from windburn. plus: even on a warmer day, a designer bandana worn around the neck really speaks to your good taste. we even have matching hats and scarves if a coordinated set is more your style. and don't worry, we haven't forgotten about those cold fingers. we have lots of designer gloves to choose from: knit pop-top gloves for those that just can't keep their hands off their phone, leather gloves for the sophisticates...

looking for something else? before you add the warm accessories, you've got to start with warm clothes. or maybe you'll find what you're looking for in our gift shop. go ahead, do some browsing.