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packing for a trip? ooh, exciting! after you've filled your suitcases with all the looks you're going to rock on vacay, then it's time to think about the details that can make all the difference in making sure your journey goes according to plan. that's where our travel accessories come in...

first, where's your passport? we recommend sticking it in one of our kate spade passport holders so it'll easily catch your eye in your carry-on bag and you won't have to rummage around to find it. not to mention, these passport covers can also hold some cards and cash if you need, so they're extra convenient. second, for any of those other essentials you may need quick access to (i.d.s, tickets, affirmation cards, whatever!), our designer lanyards give you a small compartment on a sturdy string you can wear around your neck so there's little chance you'll lose them. third, how about jewelry holders and travel jewelry cases to keep those tiny treasures safe and sound? (losing an earring is always a bummer.) and last but not least, everyone can benefit from one of these: a leather travel wallet.

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