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where are you off to? even if you're still in the planning phase of your next big vacay, it always pays to get a head start on the preparation. you work on creating your dream itinerary, and we'll help out with the packing...

it all starts with the right travel bags--ones that are durable but can also double as some pretty props in all those kodak moments you'll have along the way. our designer backpacks are always a smart move. whether you choose a leather backpack for its classic looks and versatility or opt for a functional nylon backpack that works especially well as a laptop backpack, we have a travel backpack for every taste and purpose. even if you're just looking for the perfect work backpack to carry you through your daily commute.

of course your computer is one of your special companions, so we have ways to keep it safe and sound on your journey, too. protect your tech from bumps and scratches with a laptop bag, be it one of our streamlined laptop sleeves or bags disguised as stylish laptop purses.